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What comes with my purchase?

  • Each package comes with 4 Dress Downs and a one-piece placeholder for in-between use

Will the Dress Downs adhesive stain my clothing?

  • No, the specially designed adhesive was made with all fabrics in mind. In the case there is residue left behind we recommend gently removing it with your fingers

Can I feel them while I’m walking?

  • Nope. Once you place them on, they’ll do their job and you’ll forget they’re there. There is no wrong way to wear Dress Downs, but we like to wear them on the inside vertical seam for optimal discreetness.

How many times can I reuse Dress Downs before it starts to be not as sticky?

  • In the perfect world our adhesive would last forever. You would buy one set and be set for life! Unfortunately, no such safe-adhesive exist. Until then, Dress Downs can be reused anywhere from 5-7 times depending on the fabric. More cotton fabrics tend to leave residue, meaning less use. While more sheer fabrics like polyester make for a clean release when removed

Were these really created by a woman?

  • Yes! Isn’t that awesome. A product not only made for, but created by one. #girlpower

I accidentally left mine on my dress that went in the washer machine! They are still on too.

  • The water will cause the adhesive to be considerably less sticky. Trust us, they won’t stay on for long after a wash.


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